With Compleo chargers we have time for the important things

Our vision

Our vision is to accelerate electric mobility as the most convenient and sustainable way to move forward for everyone.



Renewable energy

Compleo charging technology provides the interface between mobility and a decentralised energy world. With us, electric driving becomes the simplest and most natural mode of sustainable transport. At Compleo, genuine electric mobility enthusiasts develop the necessary charging hardware.


Quality Policy

3.3 Quality Policy


Compleo CS Nordic AB, together with its sister company Compleo, is part of the Kostal Group. Compleo is a leading manufacturer and developer of charging stations, both hardware and software - from the cabinet to the finished charging station, in its own factories around Germany. We at Compleo CS Nordic make sure that the right product gets to the right customer and answer your questions, give tips and advice. Together with Compleo, we ensure that the products are always delivered with the highest quality to meet future requirements. In order to ensure good references for the future, we see quality work as the highest priority and our ambition is to always have a good customer service.

  • For us, it is important that our products are delivered with high quality and on time to our customers.
  • We provide our customers with fast and reliable support.
  • We are constantly working to secure, develop and improve our processes, management systems and operations.
  • Our employees have a good knowledge of our products and they take responsibility for constantly developing eMobility.
  • We know our market and we strive to become the leading player in charging infrastructure.
  • We comply with customer and regulatory requirements.
  • We continuously monitor suppliers and identify and manage risks in the supply chain.
  • With our procedures and management system, it is easy to familiarise new employees with the work.
Environmental Policy

3.3.1 Environmental Policy


In accordance with the company's spirit and brand as an environmentally friendly company, this should also be applied within the company.

All our employees share responsibility for the environment and work towards a long-term sustainable society. Through our commitment to the environment, we share responsibility for ensuring that future generations have the opportunity to experience and enjoy fresh air, clean water, biodiversity and a vibrant natural world.

We base our environmental work on all employees, customers and partners working for the long-term development of society.

We adapt and streamline our operations in accordance with the laws and requirements imposed on us, and we continually strive to improve our environmental performance by actively working with a life-cycle based approach. 

Through active environmental management, we are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution, and reducing our negative impact on the environment.

We do this by:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental regulations and legal requirements
  • Actively working to improve and develop our environmental work, processes and management systems
  • Developing the skills of our employees so that they can contribute to environmental work and make demands on our suppliers
  • Business travel must be primarily by electric car or train. If air travel is necessary, it must always be approved by the employer before booking
  • Ordering and using recyclable materials is a natural step towards a better environment, for example, marketing materials should be ordered in environmentally classified materials and we should reuse the materials/items we already have before buying new ones
  • Avoiding unnecessary printing by reading and sending material digitally, both internally and to our customers (e.g. product sheets or quotations). Where printing is required, black and white and double-sided printing should be used in the first instance. Signing of contracts etc. can be done digitally via Docusign
  • Before purchasing new equipment, check that there is no existing equipment that can be used (e.g. computer, keyboard, screen, mobile phone, etc.). Approval is required for the purchase of new equipment



Managing Director

Henrik Karlsson

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