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Become a Compleo partner now – we have many benefits in store for you

Electric mobility is a booming market, in which we offer you a partnership directly with the manufacturer.

We support you with technology, training and specifically devised tools in your electric mobility business. As a provider of complete EV charging solutions, we offer innovative hardware and software products to suit all charging situations. You can assemble the solution that best fits your business model from our extensive range of modular products. We also communicate with our customers regularly, taking into account your feedback for developing new products and further improving existing ones.

  • Do you need a well-thought-out portfolio of charging hardware and the software to manage it in order to supply your customers with optimised charging solutions?
  • Do you want to not have to search for different providers for every new task?
  • Do you want to operate just one manufacturer-independent IT platform that is as open as possible in case your customers have some charging points installed already?
  • And do you want the option to expand your existing range of electric mobility products and services simply, quickly and at any time in the future?

Become a partner now

Become a Compleo partner now and reap many benefits

Totally focused on customers and users

Our extensive experience in developing electric mobility hardware and software shows: 

Compleo products are easy to install and use, ensuring a positive charging experience and saving costs.

Maximum compatibility of charging hardware and software

We combine our own and third-party products bi-directionally via OCPP.

This is an advantage if customers already have charging stations installed or when different products from different manufacturers are to be used.

Hardware with smart algorithms

Our future-proof hardware is controlled smartly and the embedded software is updated regularly in line with the latest developments. 


We are your strong partner in the background

As pioneers and market drivers with 15 years of experience in the electric mobility market, we are a strong partner. Compleo consciously invests in research and development. Over 150 Compleo patent families are a sign of this.

You liaise closely with your customers; we support you in the background and make your brand shine with fantastic electric mobility products.